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SureFast Cable Tie Tensioner Tool

The SureFast SF1228 Cable Tie Tensioner Tool is an ideal tool for both tensioning and securing ball lock Stainless Steel Cable Ties.

  • Fastens and cuts stainless steel cable ties

  • Cuts cable ties with widths between 4.5mm and 12.3mm

  • Accepts cable ties with a maximum thickness of 0.3mm

  • Suitable for both coated and uncoated cable ties

  • Weight - 0.55kg

  • Length - 209mm

SKU: SF1228


About the tool

The SureFast SF1228 Cable tie tensioner tool is ideal for tensioning and cutting off stainless steel cable ties. It is perfect for use on heavy duty loads and pallets with its two stage manual operation process.

The tool automatically tensions the cable tie, removing excess material and leaving no sharp edges. It also features a cutting device, so the excess ‘tail’ of the cable tie is cut off once the tensioning is complete, leaving a slick finish, and eliminating the need for a secondary cutting procedure. Suitable for most types of cable ties with a thickness of up to 0.3mm and a width of up to 12mm.

This SF1228 tensioner is built with a high strength construction for a long life span, making it suitable for continuous use. This SureFast tool can be used to apply and tension a large number of cable ties and is designed for use with both coated and uncoated.

It is appropriate for use with standard, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty ties, showing off its versatility. All in all, the SureFast cable tie tensioner is an easy tool to use which provides a strong and secure fixing of stainless steel cable ties.

Key Features

Easy and comfortable to use and hold

Tensions and manually cuts stainless steel cable ties

Flush cutting

For high volume applications

High quality construction for long life

Easy to use providing strong, secure fixing of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Compatible Cable Ties

SureFast Uncoated Stainless Steel Ball Lock Cable Ties

SureFast Coated Stainless Steel Ball Lock Cable Ties

SureFast Uncoated Stainless Steel Spring Type Cable Ties

SureFast Coated Stainless Steel Spring Type Cable Ties