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Inconel 625 Banding and Buckles

Inconel 625 is a nickel based alloy metal which is used for its high strength and durability as well as its excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Great strength at high temperatures

  • Inconel 625 has excellent resistance to pitting, crevice and corrosion cracking

  • Highly resistant to a wide range of organic and mineral acids

  • Suitable for components where exposure to sea water and high mechanical stresses are required

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Inconel 625 banding is an alloy metal made from nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. A popular choice within sea water applications, it has an excellent resistance to rust and oxidation, particularly at high temperatures. In alkaline, salt and fresh water, neutral salts, and also in the air, almost no attack occurs, showing the excellent resistance to oxidising environments. Inconel is especially resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion, which is prevented by the molybdenum within.

Inconel 625 alloy has an outstanding corrosion resistance in a large variety of severely corrosive environments, and excellent fatigue strength due to its high alloy content.

This non-magnetic, nickel based alloy is typically used in applications such as heat shields, furnace hardware, chemical plant hardware and special sea water applications such as oil and gas pipelines, cables and umbilical strapping.

Popular Applications

Offshore, piggyback pipe laying, subsea identification, pile protection, VIV strakes, aerospace, chemical processing, nuclear, riser and umbilical protection.

Key Features

Excellent mechanical properties at both extremely low and high temperatures

Outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and intercrystalline corrosion

High resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures up to 1050°C

Good resistance to acids and alkalis

Inconel 625 Banding Application

Oil and gas production where hydrogen sulfide and elementary sulfur exist at temperature in excess of 150C

Components exposed to flue gas or in flue gas desulfurization plants

Flare stacks on offshore oil platforms

Hydrocarbon processing from tar-sand and oil-shale recovery projects