HCL Smart Protectors

Smart® Protectors are used along with Smart® Band and Smart® Ties to protect the cables in downhole. Can be used to separate and tidy up various other items that are strapped with Smart® products. Different sizes available.

  • Fits most tubing diameters or coupling lengths

  • Perfect for multi-line installations

  • Prevents cable snagging

  • Low friction

  • Low profile

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About HCL Smart Protectors

The Smart ® Protector is not only used as a cable protector downhole. It can be used as well to protect & attach cables in many other situations in conjunction with either the Smart® Band or Smart® Tie.

These are the attachment of Cathodic protection cables to Marine structures and the attachment of Sensor cables to Risers Subsea.

The Smart ® Protector is a patented product developed in cooperation with Shell. It is designed to operate within restricted annular clearances, to accommodate various tubing diameters, all coupling types and most cable combinations.

Key Features

High temperature resistance up to 250°C (482°F)

Fits any tubing diameter or coupling length

Can be used for multi-line installations

Prevents cable snagging

Low profile and low friction coefficient

Available for many different cable configurations

Will not hang in BOP stack

Easy to mill


These protectors are available in Nylon 66, Nylon 11, Nylon 12, PPS or PEEK to assist Smart® Band and Smart® Ties.

See table below for specifications

Extra Information

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Our Range

Material Max Temperature Longevity Gas Resistance
Nylon 66 125°C Medium Term Limited
Nylon 11 105°C Long Term Fair
Nylon 12 105°C Long Term Fair
PPS 175°C Long Term Very Good
PEEK 250°C Long Term Excellent


Other Material

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HCL Smart Products Catalogue