SureFast Tamtorque Clips for Clamping and Sign Erecting

Tamtorque clamps come in seven sizes allowing the signs to be clamped to various posts. It is a tamperproof system as it only accepts unique screw bits.

  • Popular solution in Sign Mounting

  • Tamper proof due to unique screw

  • Only SureFast Tamtorque tools can adjust the system

  • Large array of sizes (55mm to 340mm Diameter)

  • Temporary or Permanent Solution

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About Tamtorque Clamps

The SureFast Tamtorque sign fixing clamps are a unique method of mounting signs to a variety of different sized and shaped posts.

Manufactured from a high quality Stainless Steel, these Tamtorque clamps can fit any post ranging from 55mm to 340mm in diameter.

Tamtorque offers an unrivalled level of strength, allowing it to be used to mount large signs and perform in windy conditions.

Tamper Proof

The security comes from the tamper resistant screw that can only be adjusted by using the patented Tamtorque bits.

Safety Aspect

The system also includes an auto-locking safety buckle that provides a safe, secure and neat connection to your chosen application. This will ensure that the free end of the stainless steel clamp is safe and not protruding and causing injuries to pedestrians.

The auto-locking buckle is held in such high regard around the world that it's covered by patents in many countries.

Can Be Re-used

Tamtorque tamper resistant clamps can be used over and over again. They are easily loosened, repositioned or removed completely using the special Tamtorque tool heads.

Key Features


One Man Operation

No sharp edges

Suitable for Square, Round and Hexagonal Posts

Ideal for Emergency Column Door Replacements



Clamping Public Information Signs

Clamping Road Signs

Waste Bins

Public Address Speakers

CCTV systems

Litter Bins

Street Lights

Signal Control Boxes

Clamping Industrial Signs

Clamping Advertising Signs


Band, Housing, Buckle: BS304 - EN1.4301

Screw - BS410 - EN1.4006 heat treated to 1220N/mm2

Recommended Tightening Specifications

10 - 15Nm

Our Range

SF2725 55-70mm 50 per box
SF2726 70-100mm 50 per box
SF2727 100-130mm 50 per box
SF2728 130-160mm 50 per box
SF2729 130-190mm 25 per box
SF2730 190-250mm 25 per box
SF2731 250-340mm 25 per box

Check out our video to find out how to apply the TamTorque Clips

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