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SureFast RBTEN Heavy Duty Tensioner Tool for Steel Banding

The SureFast RBTEN Heavy Duty Tool is used to tension Steel Banding over heavy pallets or items. It is a Heavy Duty version of the standard RBTEN, which is compatible with 13mm to 19mm steel bands.

  • Compatible with steel band sized from 13mm to 19mm

  • Easy to use

  • Can be used on horizontal and vertical axes

  • Long lasting tool with high quality internal parts



For Steel Banding

This SureFast RBTEN Heavy Duty Tensioner is a reliable tool for tensioning steel banding over heavy pallets and crates with 13mm to 19mm band.

This tool features high-quality casting and is very easy to use. This RBTEN Heavy Duty Tensioner has an ergonomic and versatile design, which means it can be used on both horizontal and vertical axes of metal banding.

Recommended Sealer Tools

SureFast Sealers: RB13SS (13mm), RB16SS (16mm) or RB19SS (19mm)

Recommended Steel Cutter Tools

SureFast SuperTymer Steel Safety cutter

Have a look at the video below for further guidance on how to use our SureFast RBTEN Heavy Duty Tensioner Tool.

More Information:

The SureFast RBTEN HD is the heavy duty version of the standard RBTEN tensioner, both which are used for tensioning steel band. This HD tensioner is built using better quality materials and as such, it is aimed at consumers who rely heavily on their tools.

Once steel band has been tensioned, a seal is put in place, which is then crimped by a sealer tool. Please note that the seal and the sealer have to be the same size for the full system to work. For example, if steel banding is 13mm wide, then the seal has to be 13mm, and a 13mm sealer tool should be used.

To release goods which have been banded up, it is recommended to use safety cutters to prevent any injuries. If standard steel cutters are used to cut tensioned banding there is a great chance of whiplash, which could be dangerous to the user. Our SureFast Safety Steel Cutters are recommended for any warehouse working with banding.


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