SureFast Steel Banding Kit

Ribbon Wound Steel Banding is the preferred option when heavy-duty strapping is required. Also known as Mill Wound Steel Banding, it is Ideal for industrial loads and exports due to its high breaking strain.

  • A Tensioner and Sealer Kit

  • A kit without the need for seals

  • Application - Securing bricks, concrete, pipes, heavy cargo and more

  • Industry - Building, Construction and Export

  • Pre-made, all in one, money saving kit for your convenience

SKU: SureFast Steel Banding Kit



Steel Banding Width - 13mm up 19mm

Steel Banding Length - 675m up to 1010m

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Sealer + Tensioner Range

Reference Kit Name Tensioner Sealer Steel Band Seals Trolley
SFSBK13 13mm Kit RBTEN RB13SS 135RWS RB1225/O RWA
SFSBK16 16mm Kit RBTEN RB16SS 165RWS RB1625/O RWA
SFSBK19 19mm Kit RBTEN RB19SS 195RWS RB1928/O RWA

Sealless System Range

Reference Kit Name Tool Steel Band Trolley
SFSSBK13 13mm Sealless Kit RB333/13 135RWS RWA
SFSSBK16 16mm Sealless Kit RB333/16 165RWS RWA
SFSSBK19 19mm Sealless Kit RB333/19 195RWS RWA