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SureFast Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit

We have a range of Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kits designed specifically to suit you and your application. Each kit is equipped with a tool and 10 packs of your desired cable ties. (1 pack = 100 ties) If you are unsure what tool or cable ties would work best for your application, please contact one of our experts here at Reid Brothers UK. We are always happy to help.

  • Kits available with Bantam Tool

  • Kits available with Quick Lok Tool

  • Kits available with Automatic Cable Tie Gun Tool

SKU: SureFast Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit


Quality Guaranteed

When we put our kits together we don’t spare any expense when it comes to getting you the highest quality collection of goods possible. Each product and its kit has been carefully curated to ensure maximum compatibility.

Here at Reid Brothers UK, all of our tools are made from the highest quality which can be trusted and relied on. We also offer technical support to make sure that the kit you choose is the right option for your application.

We've done the heavy lifting

In carefully assembling and curating the goods for these kits, we’ve ensured that you can easily find the correct combination of products suited to your application. There is no need to waste time on researching the best options for your specific needs, thats what we are here for.

All you need to do is simply pick the tool and size of ties required for your project. Click on the 'Chat With Us' or ‘Enquire Now’ button on this page for support. If you would prefer to speak to us over the phone, give us a call on 0141 425 1060.

Save Money

Perhaps the best reason to be interested in a SureFast Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit is that it will save you money.

Buying each of these items individually can be costly in comparison to buying them in a kit. You will also receive expert technical support and customer service from our UK based team, who are standing by to provide you with the support you need when you need it.

Cable Tie Kit

Refrence Tools Cable Ties Quantity
Bantam Tool Kit 1 x SureFast SF1208 Bantom Tool Customers Choice 10 packs x 100 cable ties
Quick Lok Tensioner Kit 1 x SureFast SF1228 Quick Lok Tensioner Customers Choice 10 packs x 100 cable ties
Automatic Cable Tie Gun Kit 1 x SureFast SF1227 Automatic Cable Tie Gun Customers Choice 10 packs x 100 cable ties