SureFast Serrated Strapping Seals

SureFast Serrated Seals are used with Polypropylene or Extruded Polyester Strapping for securing heavy loads. Serrated Seals get their name from the teeth within the seal that is designed to prevent slippage.

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About SureFast Serrated Seals

SureFast Strapping seals are called serrated seals due to the high grip teeth within them to prevent the strap from slipping.

If light to medium weight loads are to be secured – SureFast Heavy Duty Seals are recommended. If working with a heavier load then serrated seals are recommended.

Our Range

Reference Description Quantity
SF6922 13mm Serrated Seal 1000 per box
SF6943 16mm Serrated Seal 1000 per box

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SureFast Polypropylene Strapping System

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