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SureFast Seal Sealer Tool for Polypropylene Strapping

Our SureFast Sealer Tool is designed to crimp semi-open seals over polypropylene strapping. The tool is available in two variations to accommodate either 12mm or 16mm seals.

  • Seals 12mm or 16mm Polypropylene Strap

  • Creates a crimped seal for reliable connection

  • Use with SureFast Serrated Strapping Seals

  • Secure cardboard, boxes, crates, bundles, loads and more

  • A strong seal with minimal effort

SKU: SF1606 / SF1607 Sealer for Polypropylene Strapping Parent

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About the SureFast Polypropylene Sealer Tool

The SureFast Polypropylene Sealing Tool is designed to be used with metal seals and a strapping tensioner to secure various items, as the second part of a two part strapping process. Produced specifically for use with polypropylene strapping, this sealer tool is used to apply leverage to crimp the semi-open metal seals over the strapping. During the strapping process, the tension tool brings the strap to tension and the sealer is then used to secure the metal seal to the strap, creating a strong connection.

The long handled jaws of the sealer have been specifically created to close the short and long edges of the seals which, when sealed, increase the average breaking strain of the strap. These hardened steel jaws help to improve the durability of the tool, the long handles making for easier use and the sealer can crimp any metal seal properly to provide a tight and secure hold. This then allows you to secure items such as large cardboard boxes, crates, and bundles for storage or transportation purposes.

Constructed for continuous use, and suitable for general duty packaging, this sealer tool provides maximum seal strengths for your products, and is flexible enough to be used vertically or horizontally.

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Our Range

Reference Suitable for:
SF1606 12mm Wide Polypropylene
SF1607 16mm Wide Polypropylene

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