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SureFast White Polypropylene (PP) Strapping

SureFast White Polypropylene Plastic Strapping is an effective solution for bundling and securing light loads. Can be used with phosphated buckles or seals.

  • PR130W - 12mm x 2000m Environmentally Friendly White Polypropylene

  • 135kg Breaking Strain

  • A cost effective strapping solution for light loads

  • Can be used with seals or buckles

  • Can also be used without seals if desired

  • Customised marking is available



In General

SureFast PR130W White Polypropylene is a cost-effective choice for any warehouse where strapping is used for securing boxes either for delivery or storage.

The SureFast PR130W White Polypropylene strapping has a breaking strain of 135kg and is mostly used for light duty applications. One of the benefits of using the PR130W Polypropylene strapping is the ability to use it either with seals or buckles.

Additional Details

One coil of White Polypropylene consists of 2000m of strap which is more than any other 12mm Polypropylene we offer.

Due to the lower costs involved comparing to other types of strapping, Polypropylene is often a popular choice of product by many companies.

We offer heavier duty polypropylene with breaking strains of 190kg (12mm, 2000m), 235kg (12mm, 1200m), 300kg (12mm, 1000m).

Can the PR130W be used as machine strap?

No. The SureFast PR130W white polypop can only be used with tension tools or combination tools. If you require 12mm machine strap refer to SureFast MS12W Polypropylene.

Custom Print

You can now get your Polypropylene Strap personalised! It’s simple, you choose the design, whether it be your company name or logo, and we can mark it on the face of the strap.

This customised touch improves identification purposes and allows your packaging to stand out. It enhances your brand by adding a personal touch when securing parcels and pallets for dispatch. Whatever you want, we can do it for you!

Compatible Seals & Buckles

SureFast Standard Seals

SureFast Heavy Duty Seals

SureFast Serrated Seals

SureFast Phosphated Buckles

Compatible Tools

SureFast SF1401 Tension Tool for 25mm Plastic Strapping

SureFast SF1402 Tension Tool for 13-19mm Plastic Strapping

SureFast SF1411 Tension Tool for 25mm Plastic Strapping

SureFast Hercules All In One Combination Tool

SureFast SF1610 12mm All In One Combination Tool for Polypropylene

SureFast RB45L 12mm Battery Powered Strapping Tool w/ Battery & Charger

Other Materials

Product Sheets

View PDF for the SureFast Polypropylene Plastic Strapping System
SureFast Plastic Strapping System

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