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SureFast Oscillated Steel Banding (Black or Zinc)

  • Used for general banding, strapping, palletising and bundling of heavy loads

  • Compatible Tools and Dispenser Trolley available

  • Extremely strong breaking strain

  • Available in 13mm, 16mm, 19mm (0.5mm thickness)

  • 19mm size available in 0.5mm and 0.6mm thickness

  • 13mm and 19mm, 0.6 thickness is available in Zinc finish

  • See Details Below

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Oscillated Steel Band (Mill Wound)

SureFast Oscillated Steel banding is one of the strongest strapping solutions for applications requiring high tension and strength. Steel banding is resistant to cuts, heat and abrasion making it great for general crating, palletising and bundling of heavy loads.

Mill wound strapping is a larger coil than ribbon wound metal banding

The steel banding oscillates uniformly and tightly across the 63.5mm widths of the core

SureFast Oscillated Steel Banding Range

Reference Width Thickness Length Approx Weight Per Coil Breaking Strain
135-OSC/Black 13mm 0.5mm 1010m 50kg 570kg
165-OSC/Black 16mm 0.5mm 800m 50kg 730kg
195-OSC/Black 19mm 0.5mm 675m 50kg 870kg
196-OSC/Black 19mm 0.6mm 560m 50kg 1000kg
196-OSC/Zinc 19mm 0.6mm 560m 50kg 1000kg