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SureFast Polypropylene (PP) Machine Strapping

Our SureFast Polypropylene Machine Strapping is manufactured to a high quality for consistent and reliable use with both automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. PP machine strapping is lightweight, making it easy to apply.

  • Inexpensive

  • Lightweight & portable

  • Strong

  • Weather resistant

  • Recyclable
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SureFast Polypropylene Machine Strapping is ideal for any warehouse. Perfect for securing light to medium loads, it provides a quick and efficient method of strapping whether it be one package or multiple packages of varying sizes, at your convenience.

An advantage of polypropylene machine strapping is that it is affordable, being the most inexpensive of all strapping materials available it will not break the bank.

Dependent on the width of strap you are looking for, our polypropylene machine strap has various breaking strains which range from 110-270kg. Our SureFast Polypropylene machine strapping is lightweight, easy to apply and is recyclable.


Polypropylene machine strapping is often used within manufacturing and distribution companies to secure cartons or packages for carriers and their own transport.

Builders and Timber Merchants also use Polypropylene machine strapping to help keep a tidy yard, assisting them in bundling, stacking and securing multiple loads.

Have a look at the video below for further guidance on how to apply our SureFast Polypropylene Machine Strapping.

SureFast Machine Strap Range

Product Code Width Length Thickness Reel Breaking Strain Core
M9SW 9mm 4000m 0.55mm C/C 110kg 200mm x 190mm
M12SW 12mm 3000m 0.55mm C/C 145kg 200mm x 190mm
M12SW-HD 12mm 2000m 0.80mm C/C 270kg 200mm x 190mm