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SureFast Flat Buckles for Lashing

  • Can be used with 30mm to 35mm wide lashing

  • 50 in a box

  • No slip

  • Self-locking

  • System is tensioned with standard tooling

SKU: SF4964


About Flat Buckles

The SureFast Flat buckles are manufactured from high-quality steel ensuring optimal compatibility with composite and woven polyester lashing straps. The buckle is designed to prevent the strap from slipping even when under significant tension. And if needed, the lashing can be re-tensioned during long-haul journeys.

These SureFast Flat buckles are made from carbon steel with a zinc coating to ensure safety when exposed to weather conditions for long periods of time.

Key Features

SureFast Heavy Duty Lashing is a superior alternative to conventional ratchet straps. The whole range of lashing is suitable for securing items inside containers, on flat racks or directly onto ships.

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