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SureFast Eye Slings

SureFast Eye Slings from Reid Brothers UK are a strong, lightweight and robust way of lifting and moving heavy loads and objects.

  • Lengths Available - From 1 to 6 Metres

  • Width - 30mm Up To 180mm

  • Colour Coded - Ensures correct identification of proper sling

  • Suitable for volatile environments

  • Suitable for lifting and moving fragile objects

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What are the advantages of using the eye slings instead of chains?


Colour Coded which makes identifying breaking strain easy

Non-Sparking so safe for hazardous environments

Load Limit

SureFast Eye Slings were manufactured to the highest standard prioritising safety. SureFast range offers colour coded options which allow to identify working load limit it kg.

Purple Slings - Up to 1000kg

Green Slings - Up to 2000kg

Yellow Slings - Up to 3000kg


These Eye Slings, also known as web, duplex or lifting slings, are manufactured from polyester that is sewn in a specific way to produce the highest strength possible.

Due to the material properties of polyester these slings are weather resistant and are completely fine to be used in corrosive or hazardous environments.

To ensure you get the correct sling please ensure that you are aware of the colour identification system that separates the different load limits.

Ability to Use Different Lifting Techniques





The maintenance and care of lifting slings is of the upmost importance to ensure a safe working area and avoid any chance of injury. There are various checks that must be carried out before use. This involves looking for:

Worn Eyes

Distorted Fittings




Broken Stitching

SureFast Eye Slings 1000kg Range

Reference Length Width Colour Load Limit
SF4500 1m 30mm Purple 1000kg
SF4501 2m 30mm Purple 1000kg
SF4502 3m 30mm Purple 1000kg
SF4503 4m 30mm Purple 1000kg
SF4504 5m 30mm Purple 1000kg
SF4505 6m 30mm Purple 1000kg

SureFast Eye Slings 2000kg Range

Reference Length Width Colour Load Limit
SF4506 1m 60mm Green 2000kg
SF4507 2m 60mm Green 2000kg
SF4508 3m 60mm Green 2000kg
SF4509 4m 60mm Green 2000kg
SF4510 5m 60mm Green 2000kg
SF4511 6m 60mm Green 2000kg

SureFast Eye Slings 3000kg Range

Reference Length Width Colour Load Limit
SF4512 2m 90mm Yellow 3000kg
SF4513 3m 90mm Yellow 3000kg
SF4514 4m 90mm Yellow 3000kg
SF4515 5m 90mm Yellow 3000kg
SF4516 6m 90mm Yellow 3000kg

SureFast Eye Slings 4000kg Range

Reference Length Width Colour Load Limit
SF4517 2m 120mm Grey 4000kg
SF4518 3m 120mm Grey 4000kg
SF4519 4m 120mm Grey 4000kg
SF4520 5m 120mm Grey 4000kg
SF4521 6m 120mm Grey 4000kg

SureFast Eye Slings 5000kg Range

Reference Length Width Colour Load Limit
SF4522 2m 150mm Red 5000kg
SF4523 3m 150mm Red 5000kg
SF4524 4m 150mm Red 5000kg
SF4525 5m 150mm Red 5000kg
SF4526 6m 150mm Red 5000kg

SureFast Eye Slings 6000kg Range

Reference Length Width Colour Load Limit
SF4527 4m 180mm Brown 6000kg
SF4528 5m 180mm Brown 6000kg
SF4529 6m 180mm Brown 6000kg


Other Material

Product Sheets

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SureFast Lifting Slings Brochure