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SureFast Composite Polyester Strapping

SureFast Composite Polyester (CC) strapping is made from high tenacity polyester yarn embedded in a polymer coating. We recommend it is used with Galvanized (Shiny) steel buckles.

  • Sizes - 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm

  • Breaking Strain - 300kg to 1450kg

  • Soft, no need to use gloves

  • Protected against rough weather conditions and chemicals

  • 2 Coils per box.

  • Use with SureFast Galvanised (Shiny) Steel Buckles

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Composite Polyester Strapping

is a lightweight yet reliable strapping solution that will secure your goods for transit or storage.

It is safe to work with Composite Polyester Strapping due to its properties and that when cut, the strap will not ping back into its operator like steel banding can.

Where is composite strap used?

Most often this composite polyester strapping is used to secure items on a pallet before shipment. No gloves are required to work with the strap and only 1 tool and buckles are necessary to secure the items for shipping or storage.


SureFast Composite Polyester Strapping is very strong considering its weight and flexibility when compared with steel band. The strap also has a soft feel to it meaning it's safe to handle without gloves.

It is very easy to install composite polyester strapping onto galvanised buckles and requires only 1 tool to tension and cut the strapping.

Weather Resistance

Polypropylene coating is applied to this strapping during the manufacturing process meaning it will last longer in wet conditions compared to the steel band. Due to the long-lasting polypropylene coating, Composite Polyester Strapping is often used to secure chemical goods.

Our Range

Reference Width Length per Coil Quanity Breaking Strain
SF4402 13mm 1100m 2 Coils 300kg
SF4406 16mm 850m 2 Coils 425kg
SF4412 19mm 600m 2 Coils 455kg
SF4414 19mm 500m 2 Coils 650kg
SF4416 25mm 500m 2 Coils 850kg
SF4420 32mm 300m 2 Coils 1450kg

Product Sheets

Other material

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