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SureFast Composite Polyester Strap Dispensing Trolley

The SureFast Composite Polyester Strapping dispensing trolley is a must-have when working with Composite Polyester Strapping. It includes a container for tool and buckle storage and prevents the strap from over-coiling or uncoiling.

  • Core Diameter - 190mm

  • Use with Composite Polyester Strapping

  • Tubular construction makes it strong and light

  • Includes container for tools and buckle storage

SKU: SF1445



The SureFast Strapping Dispenser for Composite Polyester Strapping is used to smoothly supply you with an organised stream of strapping that won’t get tangled, saving you strap and money.

How Can This Polyester Strapping Trolley Prevent Strap Wastage?

When loose rolls of Composite Polyester Strapping are handled in busy warehouses they tend to have a lot of extra material which in most cases is cut instead of untangled. Trolleys offer a clutter-free workspace as well as cost savings.

Additionally, the SF1445 trolley comes with a plastic container where tools and buckles can be stored.

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SureFast Composite Polyester Strapping

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