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SureFast Pallet Wrap (Black)

Our SureFast Black Pallet Wrap is an essential item for every busy warehouse when securing loads for storage or transport.

  • Thickness - 25mu

  • Can easily stretch around items

  • Cost effective solution

  • We also have Clear SureFast Pallet Wrap available in a number of different sizes and thicknesses. Click Here for more information.

SKU: SF7014


About SureFast Pallet Wrap

Our SureFast Pallet Wrap is ideal for securing items on pallets for shipping or storage. It not only stabilises the pallet but secures the cargo from interference or theft. Pallet wrap is a necessity for any warehouse where loads get prepared for transportation.

Although our black pallet wrap is only available in the 25mu thickness, a couple of wraps around your application with this pallet wrap will be more than enough to guarantee the contents of your pallet stay secure while providing that extra level of security for confidential deliveries. Versatile, pallet wrap can easily stretch around items, and the elastic recovery means it can keep your application firmly secure and stable.

Our SureFast Pallet Wrap can protect your goods against dust and weather, while still holding the tension while in transit. Pallet Wrap is ideal for keeping pallet loads clean and secure for carriage around the warehouse, storage and during transit.

Standard and Extended Cores

SureFast Pallet Wrap comes in standard and extended core lengths. Standard core most often is used with wrap dispensers, whereas the extended core option is used when wrapping by hand.

Benefits of SureFast Pallet Wrap

Items are tightly secured in shipment

Items are protected from external weather conditions

SureFast Pallet Wrap is recyclable (number 4)



Manufacturing Plants

Construction Cards

Freight Companies

Load Securing

Grocery Stores

Stall Holders

Cash and Carry



Superior Tear Resistance

Consistent Cling

Consistent Film Thickness

Our Range

Reference Thickness Length Width Colour Core Quantity
SF7014 25mu 250m 500mm Black Standard 6 rolls per order

You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities. For Larger Orders - Contact Us.

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You can purchase SureFast Plastic Strapping from ebay.co.uk