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SureFast Bale Strapping (for Baler Machines)

SureFast Bale strapping is Corded Polyester Strapping that is designed to be used in baling machines. Bale strapping is the simplest, most efficient way of dispensing and using Corded Polyester.

  • Available Widths - 9mm, 13mm, 16mm

  • Available Lengths – 425m & 500m

  • Breaking Strain is Between 275kg and 460kg

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Benefits of Bale Strapping

The beauty of bale strapping is that it will dispense the corded polyester strapping evenly until the roll is spent. When this happens, removing the spent roll from the baling machine and installing a new one is an easy, one man job that takes seconds. This means that no time is wasted. Bale Strapping is the same as regular Corded Polyester Strapping and therefore has the same advantages.

- Lighter than steel band and just as strong

- Weather Resistant

- Corded polyester is a soft material and therefore will not damage the application

- Easily Discarded – bale strapping can be placed into ordinary rubbish bins

- If for some reason a forklift drives over discarded strap, it will not damage the tyres

- Safe to use

- Corded Polyester will not recoil when cut under tension

To Consider

Corded polyester is a relatively soft material and therefore can be cut by sharp objects. For applications with sharp edges, it is not recommended that corded polyester is used without corner protectors as the secured item may damage and even cut through the strap.

Commonly Used

Corded Polyester Bale Strapping is commonly used in industries where large amounts of loose materials are bound together for shipping. Industries such as, Environmental Facilities, Recycling Plants, Waste Management and Timber Industries often use baling machines and bale strapping to secure their loose materials.

SureFast Bale Strap Range

Reference Width Length Approx Linear Break Strain
SF4200 9mm 500m 275kg
SF4202 13mm 500m 375kg
SF4203 16mm 425m 460kg