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SureFast Automatic Cable Tie Gun Tool

The SureFast Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun is an automatic tensioner and cutter tool to suit the application of Stainless Steel Cable Ties.

  • Fastens and automatically cuts cable ties

  • Adjustable tensioning pressure

  • Cuts cable ties with widths between 4.5 and 7.9mm

  • Accepts cable ties with a max thickness of 0.3mm

  • For coated and uncoated cable ties

  • Weight - 0.56kgs

SKU: SF1227


About the Auto Cable Tie Gun

The Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun is made of aluminium alloy and incorporates an ergonomic design which allows for an easy and comfortable application without causing hand fatigue.

This SF1227 Cable Tie Gun has a tension, locking and cutting facility which improves the process of applying Stainless Steel Cable Ties, where minimum effort is required. It is a high-quality tool which allows you to process cable ties in various applications such as bundling pipes, securing hoses and organising cables. This Cable Tie Gun is perfect for use in the production of high volume applications and aims for a long service life.

This tool is compatible with both coated and uncoated Stainless Steel Cable Ties with a tensile strength of 100lbs and 250lbs.

The SF1227 is a great tool for bundling pipes, hoses, cables and even wires of different gauges to improve cable management needs around the home, office, warehouse, or even industrial or commercial environments.


This SF1227 has a non-slip trigger handle which contains a spring inside it to automatically cut off the stainless steel tie once the desired tension has been reached. When you are using this tool, different levels of tension can be selected, simply by turning the adjusting screw on the bottom of the cable tie gun.

This cable tie gun is only used with Stainless Steel Cable Ties.


Bundling Pipes

Securing Hoses

Organising Cable

Cable Management

Use it anywhere




Industrial & Commercial Environments

Compatible Cable Ties

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