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Plastic Strapping


Plastic Strapping Overview

Reid Brothers UK is the home of plastic strapping. Here you will find everything you need to fill your strapping requirements. Ideal for products in transit or storage, plastic strapping will keep your items securely fastened. We have a wide range of polyester strapping tailored to suit your application requirements including Polypropylene, Woven Polyester, Corded Polyester and Extruded Polyester Strapping as well as a full range of plastic strapping kits.

Plastic strapping has become more popular in recent years due to new materials increasing product breaking strains. Plastic Strapping is economical and easy to work with, making it a practical option for many industries.

Popular for many types of loads, Plastic Strapping is moisture and UV resistant, which eliminated the risk of rust and has great elongation recovery, making it ideal for long transit journeys. The soft edges of Plastic Strapping allow it to fit smoothly around irregularly shaped packages keeping even the most awkward of loads secure. If your load is fragile, and prone to devaluation if scratched, polyester strapping is recommended for the welfare and safety of your item.

Plastic strapping comes in a range of materials, widths and lengths, giving you the options to find the ideal strapping for your specific application. We also have our very own polypropylene strapping products available in our SureFast range, as well as our own custom made plastic strapping kits, we offer only the best savings for our customers.

Below you will find specific information about our plastic strapping range and a full list of our products. For metallic strapping check out our Steel Banding range. If you know what you’re looking for, you can use the category list for easy access to specific items. For anything else, get in touch with our experts via our Contact Form or call 0141 425 1060. We are always on hand and more than happy to give you advice on which style of polyester strapping will fit your application best.

Corded Polyester Strapping is a popular strapping product due to its light weight and ease of use. It is available in a variety of different widths and breaking strengths, to accommodate to your plastic strapping requirements.

Recommended for securing items on pallets or bundling items for heavy storage, this flexible strapping will not damage packed goods and can wrap around awkward shapes without losing its strength. Easily discarded and safe to use, Corded Polyester Strapping is also available in a variety of different colours for identification purposes and is weather resistant.

Take a look at our full range of Corded Polyester Strapping products.

Extruded Polyester Strapping is one of the strongest plastic strapping options. PET is suitable for very heavy loads, ideal for timber, brick, and stone industries etc.

With a range of width options available, the breaking strain can vary from 270 – 820kg. Twice as strong as other plastic strapping, it is resistant to all severe weather conditions including heavy rain, wind and UV. The elastic properties of this strapping means that it can adapt to awkward shapes without risk of losing the strength.

View our complete range of Extruded Polyester Strapping products.

Lightweight and portable, Polypropylene is an effective Plastic Strapping solution for bundling and securing light to medium loads. Polypropylene Strapping is frequently used to secure parcels, boxes and pallets and has the option to fasten with buckles or clips.

Available in different lengths and strengths, Polypropylene Strapping is resistant to corrosion, bumps and scrapes. Polypropylene Strapping has high elongation properties which allow contraction around packages as they settle.

Reid Brothers UK stock a range of SureFast Polypropylene to cover all of your plastic strapping requirements. Check out our Polypropylene Strapping products.

Lightweight and reliable, Composite Polyester Strapping is a high tenacity polyester yarn embedded in a polymer coating. It is suitable for use in light to medium weights. Also known as Combistrap, it is a softer option of plastic polyester strapping, but is still surprisingly strong considering its flexibility and weight.

Take a look at all of our Composite Polyester Strapping products.

Woven Polyester Strapping and Lashing proves its reliability as it is used to secure medium to heavy items for storage or transit. It offers superior resistance to weather, corrosion, chemical, oxidation, and UV. Woven Polyester Strapping and Lashing is ideal for the palletising, scaffolding and engineering industries. It is recommended to use with phosphated buckles for the best results.

Reid Brothers UK stock a range of SureFast Woven Polyester Strapping and lashing in different widths and lengths, to suit your needs.

Check out our complete range of Woven Polyester Strapping and Lashing products.

Whether it be Composite or Polyester Strapping, we have the seals and buckles to match your Plastic Strapping needs. Essential to prevent items from moving during transit or storage, we supply our own range of SureFast buckles and seals; phosphated, galvanised, plastic, flat, serrated, heavy duty, and standard. Each with various qualities and widths, suited to the different styles of Plastic Strapping.

Contact Reid Brothers UK for quality seals and buckles, perfect for your Plastic Strapping.

View our range of Buckles and Seals.

Reid Brothers UK have a collection of stands and trolleys ideal for dispensing Plastic Strapping. Each stand comes complete with a bucket for storage, making it a mobile station, ideal for holding tools and buckles while not in use.

Take a look at our range of SureFast Strapping Stands.

Reid Brothers UK have a full range of Plastic Strapping Kits, each of which is equipped with compatible tools.

Designed to assist you with your projects, every plastic strapping kit comes with a roll of your desired strapping in a choice of widths and lengths to meet your specifications. Speak to one of our experts today about with Plastic Strapping Kit is best for your application.

Check out all of our Plastic Strapping Kits.

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