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The Simulock Seal is well-known to improve security on each of your applications while still saving valuable time and money. This seal is unique as it is easy to inspect and apply, and its innovative use of materials and industrial design ensure better security.

  • Strong and Durable

  • Double Locking Mechanism

  • Material – Polypropylene

  • 1,000 pieces per pack

  • Colour Options Available

SKU: Simulock


Tamper-Evident Ring Seal

This Simulock is a durable and trustworthy seal as it is easy to apply and easy to inspect. Security levels are improved through a simultaneous double-locking mechanism, which makes tampering with this seal very difficult.

The Simulock Seal has a unique feature in the transparent Inspection Window. This feature is designed to enable quick and easy visual checking of the locking mechanism.

This Inspection Window included within this Simulock is ultrasonically welded to the seal, meaning it is permanent and strong. This then ensures that this seal cannot be cut or forced open without clear evidence of tampering being left behind.


Customs Controls

Airline Cargo


Roll Cages

Rail Wagons

Empty Shipping Containers

Laser Marking Feature

This Simulock Seal is etched with permanent laser marking, which offers an extremely high level of security marking as it cannot be removed or replaced.

Fit for identification purposes, the Simulock can include markings such as serial numbers, barcodes or even a company name or logo across the face of the seal.

The snapping point allows for a quick and easy removal of this seal, while keeping the breaking lines secure. This prevents broken seals from being glued or welded back together without clear evidence of tampering being left behind, again enhancing security measures.

Technical Specifications - Product

Product Code Material: Strap Material: Cap Locking Size Total Length Tensile Strength Marking Area: Flap Max Marking Digits: Serial No Max Marking Digits: Barcode
SSNV Polypropylene Polypropylene 3.0mm x 7.8mm (0.12" x 0.31") 222.5 ( 8.76" ) 28kgs (61.72lbf) 6mm x 120mm (0.24" x 4.72") 13 11

Technical Specifications - Outer Carton

Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
1,000pcs 318mm x 284mm x 210mm (12.52" x 11.18" x 8.27") 3.78kgs (8.33lbs) 0.01897m³ (35.32ft³)
Colour- White / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue