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Product Description: Quality vs Length

Writing a Product Description for the RBTEN Steel Strapping Tension Tool

Creating a description for a product can be a very daunting task. Describing something that you want to sell in such a way that it educates and encourages someone to part with their money is a perhaps one of the most important stages in getting a product online. In the creation of the description it might seem like a good idea to rack up that character count and beef out that body of text. Maybe even add a few images in there to cram in as much as possible.

I would say that this isn’t a good idea for a couple of reasons

One – Rambling. I am absolutely guilty of this myself when writing these blogs. Sometimes you just want to get a piece of content out and when you realise you’ve only written 300 words silly things start happening. You start to go off on tangents, telling a story or making a comparison that has only the thinnest relevance to the subject matter making the actual useful information hidden obscured by a wall of hot air. Or you start making words and sentences longer they need be which makes for a horrendous reading experience.

Two – Boring. Writing a description for a product is only done to let the customer know more about what it is they’re looking at beyond the images and title. They’re really not interested in fluff or non-relevant information and giving them too much might make them lose interest and go elsewhere and when you take into consideration targeted advertisements that can show a customer your direct competitors products you’re playing a very dangerous game indeed.

Three – Why? Sometimes a product doesn’t really need to be explained at great length. This can be for a number of reasons including the obvious nature of the product or the knowledge that if you’re looking at the product to begin with you know what it does. Sometimes you should just say as little as possible and allow a customer to make up their mind.

Now I’m at the 335 word count I can feel safe in bringing this blog to a close. The SureFast RBTEN Tension Tool for Steel Band is an example of a short description that gives 5 bullet points, a few paragraphs and then a few recommend tools to go along with it. There’s no need to write an essay because the title tells you what it does. It tensions steel band. Then the pictures show you what it looks like and the bullet points tell you size of band it can use and how It can be used. No more needs to be said really.

I am not an expert in writing descriptions for products by any means. We are still learning what we can and should or should not be including the in the descriptive text area for a product we are selling. What we do know is that we should not be artificially extending it or going beyond what we need to say to sell the product. If you are reading this paragraph you know how strange and ridiculous it can be to character count. Just say what needs to be said and then just stop.

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