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Strap Feeder

    • Strap Feeder simplifies the process of feeding the strapping under a pallet
    • Polyester Strapping can be attached on both ends of the feeder
    • A 'must have' where plastic strapping is used is secure awkward applications.

SureFast Bale Strapping (for Baler Machines)

SureFast Bale strapping is Corded Polyester Strapping that is designed to be used in baling machines. Bale strapping is the simplest, most efficient way of dispensing and using Polyester Strapping. Available Widths - 9mm, 13mm, 16mm Available Lengths – 425m & 500m Breaking Strain is Between 275kg and 460kg

SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping (Coloured)

Our coloured SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping range is available in 3 different colour options allowing you to easily group and identify different applications visually. The coloured Corded Polyester Strapping has the same advantages as the regular white strapping and can also be used with the same tools.

SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping (Cord Strap)

SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping, also known as cord strap, is as strong as steel but only a fraction of the weight. Corded Polyester Strapping is also one of the newest, most innovative strapping materials and is often used for securing items on pallets for shipment or for bundling heavy items for storage. You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities:  (click on logo)   

SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping Kit

SureFast Corded Polyester Strapping, known as Cord Strap, is recommended when securing heavy pallets, containers or bundling industrial loads for shipping.
    • Widths - 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 38mm
    • Length from 100m up to 1100m
    • Linear Breaking Strain up to 2000kg
    • Use with SureFast Phosphated Strapping Buckles
    • Tension with SureFast Tension Tools

SureFast Woven and Corded Polyester Strap Dispensing Trolley

The SureFast CSM-20 dispensing trolley is a must have when working with Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping. This specific trolley includes a container for tool and buckle storage.
    • Designed for Woven Polyester Strapping and Corded Polyester Strapping
    • Bucket included for tool and buckle storage
    • Ergonomic Handle allows you easily move the trolley
    • Wheels allow full movement around the working area
    • Depleted rolls of strap can be replaced in a few easy steps
    You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities:  (click on logo)   

SureFast Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping Dispensing Stand

The SF1440 dispensing stand easily unwinds coils of Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping, preventing tangles which in most cases leads to wastage.
    • For use with Corded Polyester Strapping and Woven Polyester Strapping
    • The dispenser includes a bucket for tool and buckle storage
    • Tubular construction makes it strong and light
    • Prevents Polyester Strapping from un-coiling or over-coiling thanks to spring tensioned bar.
    • Core Diameter - 76mm
    You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities:  (click on logo)