Tamtorque is the perfect solution for all sign mounting applications. It is a versatile option as it is available in 7 different sizes which allows it to adjust to a range of different shaped and sized posts and poles.

Tamtorque is manufactured from high-quality Stainless Steel and provide high security with each application as they are tamperproof and only accept unique screw bits.

We have the full range of tamtorque clamps, tools and tool bits available for you to complete your application. Tamtorque can be used to apply a wide range of sign applications.

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Tamtorque Clips for Clamping and Sign Erecting

The SureFast Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamp System is a quick and reliable way of mounting signs to circular poles or lamp posts. They are easy to use and ensure a reliable application. Our SureFast Tamtorque Clamps are extremely popular for sign mounting applications due to their patented system which makes them tamperproof. When applying Tamtorque Clamps they can be tightened by a seven-sided power tool bit, in a square socket bit or with a manual combination tool driver. We have you covered! – The SF2715 contains both a ratchet spanner and socket bit and is used to secure applications. When you receive these tools you can start mounting your signs straight away! Tamtorque clamps can be tightened with our SF2717 seven-sided power tool. When used it is almost impossible to tamper with the clamps as it is very hard for the banding to be released without using the correct tool. You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities:  (click on logo)   

Tamtorque Tools and Tool Bits for Clamp Installation/Adjustment

Tamtorque clamps come in seven sizes allowing the signs to be clamped to various posts. It is a tamperproof system as it only accepts unique screw bits.
  • Popular solution in Sign Mounting
  • Tamper proof due to unique screw
  • Only SureFast Tamtorque tools can adjust the system
  • Large array of sizes (55mm to 340mm Diameter)
  • Temporary or Permanent Solution
You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities:  (click on logo)