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Avoidance Tools – SG33 Signal Generator

Trace the lines using the Cable Avoidance Tool. New industry accepted 33KHZ operating frequency for clearer signal reception. Enhance the detectability of cables and pipes, trace out the route of specific services. Use the Signal Generator to transmit an easily identifiable signal along a cable or pipe.

Avoidance Tools – SGV2 Signal Generator

Use the SGV2 Signal Generator to transmit an easily identifiable signal to a buried cable or pipe. The SGV2 has a 4 level 1 Watt signal output to provide an accurate and reliable signal to trace on a utility. Supplied with a large accessory tray containing connection leads, ground stake 10m earth lead extension and connection magnets.

Avoidance Tools – Signal Clamp

Apply the SGV2 Signal effectively to any cable by using the Signal Clamp. An extremely practical way to allow individual cables to be traced even when amongst other cables.

Avoidance Tools – Sonde

Allows the route of non-metallic pipes such as sewers, drains and large plastic gas and water mains to be traced using a Cable Avoidance Tool. Using the DXL2 allows identification of not only the position of the Sonde but also it's depth. Ideal for finding the position of blockages in pipes and powerful enough to be detectable at 7mtr depth.

Cable Avoidance Tools – CAT33 Cable Avoidance Tools

CAT33 Cable Avoidance Tool The CAT33 is a full function, industry standard locator which every ground working operative will find familiar and easy to use. Better by design the budget priced Cable Avoidance Tool is robust, lightweight and packed full of features inc. meter, detachable loudspeaker and fingertip controls. CAT33XD High Performance Cable Avoidance Tool With all the features of the standard CAT33, the CAT33XD is equipped with more power, more precision and more information from underground. The CAT33XD also has depth mode which when used in conjunction with the SG33 Signal Generator displays the depth of an applied signal on the YIRS 33 sonic with instant accuracy.

Cable Avoidance Tools – CXL Digital Cable Avoidance Tool

With additional combined 33/131kHz frequency to detect frequencies for small bore cables, the CXL2 Cable Avoidance Tool with the data logging provides a more reliable and improved signal detection in an ever increasing noisy and congested underground environment. The CXL2 has an Automatic Daily Self Test to ensure that it is working before use, and time stamped data logging to record when and how it is being used. In addition, there is no longer any requirement to send the units away for calibration checks every year, reducing the cost of ownership and the unit comes with a 3-year warranty. Other standard features include a fast response Auto Backlight LCD indicating signal level and battery condition and familiar operator controls.

Cable Avoidance Tools – DXL2 Digital Avoidance Tool with Depth

With all the features of the CXL2, the DXL2 had the added feature of Depth, which in conjunction with an SGV2 transmitter or a Sonde, allows instant depth measurement of the transmitted signal. The depth is indicated on the standard LCD