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Cable and Duct Pulling Equipment – Sub Duct Pulling Eye With Clevis

Sub Duct pulling eye, also known as carrots with clevis pin, tie the other end to attach draw rope etc. Units tapered and threaded to cover suitable range. Zinc Plated. PE1 : Pulling Eye for Sub Duct Range - 24-29mm PE2 : Pulling Eye for Sub Duct Range - 29-37mm

Cable and Duct Pulling Equipment – Swivel Link

Enables Winch rope to revolve during pulling operation preventing twisting or kinking. Machined from solid steel zinc plated finish. Heavy duty swivel bearing to allow sustained pulls. Totally smooth exterior finish. Grease packed on assembly minimising further lubrication.

Duct Equipment – Cable Lubricant

A range of high-quality Lubricants for both the Power and Telecommunications Sectors. POWER - Pail Size 20ltr CL1 Techlube H.D - Developed for large power and also heavy telecommunication cables, High cling factor enables it to remain evenly coated on large diameter cables allowing it to slip into ducts more easily than conventional lubricants. TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Pail Size 20ltr LD1 Lubricants - Approved to BT Specification MAT 138C Emulsion based with silicone this product is specially formulated with added micro beads to reduce pulling friction by up to 70% LD2 Lubricant - Low-cost version of the LD1 above. Generally the same as LD1 but without the micro beads.

Duct Equipment – Duct Brushes

Cylindrical Brush with Polypropylene Centres drilled and fitted with a threaded steel Rod, Steel end caps and pulling eye each end. Overall length including Eye 350mm. Standard sizes as follows. CB57 Cylindrical Brush 57mm O.D CB80 Cylindrical Brush 80mm O.D CB86 Cylindrical Brush 86mm O.D CB95 Cylindrical Brush 95mm O.D CB108 Cylindrical Brush 108mm O.D CB150 Cylindrical Brush 150mm O.D CB200 Cylindrical Brush 200mm O.D Special sizes available on request

Duct Equipment – Foam Pigs

Foam Pigs are used to remove dust or fluids from all pipe materials. They are generally pushed through a pipe using air or water pressure, although, they can be supplied with a facility to allow them to be pulled through a pipe by a winch. Foam Pigs are flexible and bi-directional, they will negotiate all conventional pipeline/duct fittings. The Sealed End Pigs are cylindrically shaped and incorporate an impermeable disc at one end which is bonded to the foam. This version, which by virtue of the sealed end is non-porous, is designed for the most arduous applications such as pipe cleaning and drying. The range of Foam Pigs is available to suit Pipe/Duct ID of between 2" and 42". Special sizes can be supplied to suit individual requirements.

Duct Equipment – Polypropylene Mandrels

Used to prove there are no restrictions within the duct. Approximately 240mm long fitted with a threaded rod and pulling eye each end to give an approx. overall length of 350mm. BT43 Polypropylene Mandrel 43mm Diameter BT70 Polypropylene Mandrel 70mm Diameter BT79 Polypropylene Mandrel 79mm Diameter BT83 Polypropylene Mandrel 83mm Diameter BT95 Polypropylene Mandrel 95mm Diameter Special sizes available on request.

Duct Equipment – Rigid PVC Duct Rods

PVC Rods are available in two and three-metre lengths. The joint is commonly known as the Ferret type which operates on the principles of a spring loaded pin engaging into a mating hole. When the joints are screwed together the trigger which is flush with the body of the joint is pressed for quick release. Accessories also available. RD1 Duct Rods 3mtr Long x 24mm O.D RD2 Duct Rods 2mtr Long x 24mm O.D LM1 Rod Male Leader (to assist rod through the Duct) FF2 Rod Female Follower (for tying Draw Rope etc) CUP1 Coupling Up Set 35mm Dia CUP2 Coupling Up Set 48mm Dia

Duct Equipment – Rope Blowing Tee & Pipe Stoppers

The Rope Blowing Tee is a product designed for installing draw ropes into cable ducts. The Rope Blowing Tee is connected to the inlet of a Pipe Stopper supplied separately and then connected to the airline from a pneumatic compressor. The Draw Rope is then fed through the hole in the end of the Rope Blowing Tee and attached to a line blowing dart or Foam Pig. The range of Rope Blowing Tees is available to suit all sizes of Pipe Stoppers, which generally have either 1/2" or 1" outlets. Shown attached to the Rope Blowing Tee is the Expanding Pipe Stopper, the main use for the Pipe Stopper is to prevent the ingress of water, gases, rodents and debris into a newly laid or decommissioned pipe. The range of Pipe Stoppers are available in a number of different types to cover the size range 1/2" (12mm) to 48" (1200mm).

Duct Equipment – Steel Mandrel

For Duct proving. Painted Steel 240mm long fitted with threaded steel rod and pulling eye each end to give overall length 350mm Standard sizes as follows. SM43 Steel Mandrel 43mm O.D SM70 Steel Mandrel 70mm O.D SM76 Steel Mandrel 76mm O.D SM79 Steel Mandrel 79mm O.D SM83 Steel Mandrel 83mm O.D SM95 Steel Mandrel 95mm O.D Special sizes available on request

Triple Leg Cable Stockings – Cable and Duct Pulling Equipment

Features three lengths of woven galvanised steel wire incorporated into one galvanised steel eye. Sometimes called Cable Socks or Cable Grips An efficient method of supporting or pulling cables Manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel wire Also available on request in stainless steel or kevlar