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Conduit Rod Accessories – End Connector

Male Rod End Connector supplied as standard at both ends of all Conduit Rods. Threaded end allows the connection of other Rod Accessories M407/1: 14mm End Connector M277/3: 11mm End Connector M277/4: 9mm End Connector M279/A: 6mm End Connector M371/1: 4mm End Connector Please note ADH1 Adhesive also required to fit connector to the rod.

Conduit Rod Accessories – Flexible Guide Tip

Used to guide Conduit Rod around bends, available with Spring End and also Wire Rope End/Flexible Leader which have the added facility of being able to pull back draw rope without reverting to a standard guide tip. FGT1 Flexible Guide Tip with Spring FGT2 Flexible Guide Tip with Wire Rope (Heavy Duty) FGT3 6mm Diameter Flexible Leader Rod All above are suitable for 9mm, 11mm & 14mm Rod

Conduit Rod Accessories – Guide Tips

Supplied as standard with all Conduit Rods. The Tip guides the Rod through the Duct, the Eye allows pulling rope to be attached to the Rod. M277/2: Guide Tip Suitable for 14mm, 11mm & 9mm Rod M279/B: Guide Tip Suitable for 4mm & 6mm Rod The following 2 Guide Tips do not require end connectors and provide additional flexibility on tight corners. M277/7: Special Guide Tip to suit 11mm Rod M277/8: Special Guide Tip to suit 9mm Rod

Conduit Rod Accessories – Other Accessories

PRG1 Protective Rod Guide supplied with all Conduit Rod Reels, Used to guide the rod while being pulled off the reel. (Image Top Left) GB1 Guide Ball. Used to assist Conduit Rod around bends, suitable for 9mm, 11mm & 14mm Rod. (Image Top Right) LDS2 Shackle suitable for 9mm, 11mm & 14mm Rod, Used with Guide Tip when a larger pulling eye is required. (Image Bottom Left) ADH1 3ml Adhesive Used to glue End Connectors to Conduit Rod. (Image Bottom Right)

Conduit Rod Accessories – Rod Repair Kits

A connector used to repair breakage's to Conduit Rod, the fitting is used with ADH1 Adhesive which is included in the kit. RK14 :14mm Repair Kit RK11 :11mm Repair Kit RK9 :9mm Repair Kit RK6 :6mm Repair Kit RK4 :4mm Repair Kit

Conduit Rod Accessories – Swivel Connector

M342/4 Swivel Connector. An Ideal accessory to have when a single rod is not long enough for the duct length to be rodded. Two rods can be screwed together. Suitable for both 9mm, 11mm & 14mm Rod