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Cable Drum Handling – Cable Ramp

Look after your cable drums by investing in our Cable Ramp. The Cable Ramp has been designed to support and guide the cable directly from the Cable Drum and lead it down into the application of the trench or duct mouth in a controlled manner, through a series of rollers.
  • Painted finish.
  • This Cable Ramp is designed and built to order.
  • It can be built to your own specifications.
For more details, or if you would like to place an order for our Cable Ramps, please give us a call on 0141 425 1060, we will be more than happy to help.

Cable Drum Handling – CDR2 Cable Drum Rotator

The CDR2 Cable Drum Rotators are suited for heavy-duty cable drums. In a straightforward application, the drums are simply rolled up the ramp onto the adjustable rollers, which allow them to spin freely, ready to begin your application. The CDR2’s are fitted with one fixed and one adjustable diablo shaped steel roller with seal ball bearings.
  • All steel welded (Painted finish)
  • Drum Diameter – Max: 2400mm / Min: 300mm
  • Drum width – Adjustable
  • Maximum drum payload – 1500kgs
  • Weight (pair) – 54kg
  • Size (each) – 1000mm x 225mm x 120mm

Cable Drum Handling – CDR3 Cable Drum Rotators

The CDR3 is designed for rotating heavy duty cable drums. With a maximum drum weight of 140kg, this cable drum rotator comes fitted with 2 adjustable rollers and a sealed ball bearing. It is perfect for use with armoured steel wire and other heavy duty cables.
  • Zinc Plated
  • Maximum drum payload – 200kgs
  • Drum Diameter – Maximum: 750mm / Minimum: 200mm
  • Drum Width – 520mm
  • Base Size – 630mm x 550mm
  • Weight – 16Kgs
Reid Brothers UK are the leading Scottish Suppliers of all your Cable Laying Equipment. With cost effective solutions, contact our experts on 0141 425 1060 for more information or a quotation, we will be more than happy to help

Cable Drum Handling – CDS1 Universal Cable Drum Stand

The Universal Cable Drum Stand (CDS1) is suitable for a number of cabling applications. Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for dispensing reels of wire, cable and sleeving. The frame of this Universal Cable Drum is Zinc plated and comes complete with a spindle. Accommodates drums with diameters up to 600mm, and are 500mm wide. This Cable Drum Stand folds flat in seconds, making it ideal for storage, and will fit in all sizes of vans and cars. Maximum drum weight – 100Kgs Rust and corrosion resistant.

Cable Drum Handling – DTS1 Drum Tip Stand

The Cable Drum Tip Stand (DTS1) is designed to assist all applications through the lifting and dispensing of the cable. Made from an all steel tubular frame, this Tip Stand is particularly popular within cable yards and can hold cable drums with diameters reaching up to 1750mm.
  • Maximum drum diameter – 1750mm
  • Maximum drum width – 930mm
  • Drum weight – 750Kgs
  • Paint finish
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Adjustable and fitted with sealed bearings