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Power Cable Installation Winch - TW5000

The TW5000 is currently our largest line pull winch and utilises the Twin Capstan design as a way of developing the required tension. The winch is a single axle and therefore easy to manoeuvre. It is fitted with a pull load indicator via the dial gauge and obtains its power from a twin cylinder diesel engine.

Power Unit - Diesel Engine rated at 19.1Kw at 3000rpm.

Main Drive - Independently driven twin grooved bull wheels.

Rewind Drum - Hydraulically driven for rope tension

Cable Payout - Via hydraulic system - powered

Pull Load Indicator - Via dial gauge for pressure/tonnes pull

Oil Cooler - Fitted with thermostatic fan

Rewind Drum - 750mtr x 14mm dia Rope

Rope Layering - Free moving layering arm

Rope Pull / Speed - No Load/Payout - 28mtrs/min

Rope Pull / Speed - 5.0 tonne - 12mtrs/min

SKU: TW5000