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Power Cable Installation Winch - FW3000

The Cable Pulling Winch for Power Cables is an essential whenever cable pulling is involved. It is an extremely powerful component of the cable pulling industry and is designed to specifically cope with light to medium cable pulls.
The cable winch unit is fitted with a pull load indicator with read out via dial gauge.

  • High quality Steel

  • Straightforward application

  • Easy to maintain and service

  • All technical information is provided below

SKU: FW3000


About the Power Cable Installation Winch

This FW3000 3 tonne model is guaranteed to provide you with many years of service in all cable pulling applications. Durable, this cable pulling winch is cost-effective, and is very easy to operate and maintain, and is ideal for any multi-utility business. It is fitted with a free spooling payout system, making it a one-man only operation.

Made from high-quality steel, all of our cable winches are manufactured to a high standard. They are painted and finished in a high gloss bright yellow colour, which helps it stand out when on site.

Single Axle

This Cable winch is supplied on a single axle road trailer that comes complete with parking brakes, a jockey wheel, prop stands, struts and a road going lighting system.

The frame of this winch is manufactured from high-quality steel. It comes complete with relevant points welded to hold the trailer down while in operation. The lifting hooks are strategically positioned to allow you to safely offload the winch from transportation when moving around different sites.

Please Note

Although the winch has a line pull of 3 tonnes, this is rated at the winch itself and therefore due to friction reductions, this winch will pull cables from a drum weighing up to 10 tonne. This is dependent on the site conditions and cable route.

Technical Information

Power Unit - Diesel Engine rated at 13Kw at 3600rpm.

Main Drive - Single Capstan.

Rewind Drum - Hydraulically driven for rope tension

Cable Payout - Free spooling

Pull Load Indicator - Via dial gauge for pressure/tonnes pull

Oil Cooler - Fitted with thermostatic fan

Rewind Drum - 400mtrs x 10mm dia rope capacity (max)

Rope Layering - Free moving layering arm (mounted under rewind drum).

Winch Performance - Line Pull Speed

0.5 tonne @ 30mtrs/min

1.5 tonne @ 22mtrs/min

3.0 tonne @ 7mtr/min