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Mini Tight Seal

The Mini Tight Seal is versatile and perfect for any small security applications that require quick locking or tagging. Popular within various industries including retail and transportation, these effective tagging seals are thin, flexible and easy to apply.

  • Lightweight

  • Available in both Polypropylene (PP) and Nylon options

  • Tensile Strength – Up to 15kgs

  • Can be removed without need for a tool

SKU: Mini Tight Seal


Economical Tagging Seal

This Mini Tight Seal can be easily removed from any application, without the need for a tool, simply just twist it and it breaks off.

These Seals are etched with permanent laser marking technology which offers the highest level of security. A variation of markings can be engraved across the seal including barcodes, serial number, your company name or logo for identification purposes.

There is enough space for a maximum of 6 digits to be marked upon the seal, which is great for security purposes as it cannot be removed or replaced without any evidence of tampering being left.

Added Security

The enlarged ring at the end of the tail prevents reverse locking.

The Slim Tail makes this seal very easy to apply on a range of small applications.


The seal’s thin and flexible strap is perfect for light security applications such as the tagging of:



Fire Extinguishers

Cable Tie Replacements

Technical Specifications - Product

Product Code Material Locking Length Strap Dimensions Tensile Strength Marking Area Max Marking Digits
MTS 5 PP / Nylon 130mm 3mm 11 (PP) / 15 (NY)kgs 1.6cm x 1.6cm 6
MTS 7 PP / Nylon 180mm 3mm 11 (PP) / 15 (NY)kgs 1.6cm x 1.6cm 6

Technical Specifications - Inner Carton

Product Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
MTS 5 1,000 275mm x 210mm x 210mm 1.75kg 0.01213m³
MTS 7 1,000 350mm x 200mm x 190mm 1.75kg 0.01330m³

Technical Specifications - Outer Carton

Product Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
MTS 5 5,000 1100mm x 305mm x 230mm 9.00kg 0.07717m³
MTS 7 5,000 1050mm x 360mm x 200mm 13.21kg 0.07560m³
Colour - White / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / ( with white caps only )