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Mega Twister

The Mega Twister is a cost-efficient seal which proves to be an excellent solution for securing all meter applications. Designed with security as a priority, these seals are made from non-flammable, high impact ABS plastic.

  • Durable

  • Tensile strength – 30kg

  • Material – Polycarbonate

  • 1,000 pieces per pack

  • Colour options available

SKU: Mega Twister


Pull Tight Twist Seals Features

Mega Twister seals can be applied with either coated or non-coated stainless steel. The clear, transparent body of the seal is polycarbonate, and the acetal tab is available in a range of different colours.

Heat staking treatment is used to permanently fasten the twister caps inside the seal's body. If the seal has been cut or is forced open, clear evidence of tampering is left.


Securing of Utility Meters


Gasoline Pumps



Laser Marking

These Mega Twister seals are etched with permanent laser marking, which offers a maximum level of security as this marking cannot be removed or replaced without clear signs of tampering being left on the seal.

The side flap area on the seal can include markings such as customised company names, logos, barcodes and even serial numbers which helps with identification purposes. There is enough room for 8 digits to be marked upon this seal.

Technical Specifications - Product

Material: Body Material: Twister Wire Length Wire Diameter Tensile Strength Marking Area Max Marking Digits:
Polycarbonate Acetal 150mm (or custom) 0.8mm Coated Stainless Steel 30kg 5mm x 12mm 8
Polycarbonate Acetal 150mm (or custom) 0.7mm Uncoated Stainless Steel 30kg 5mm x 12mm 8

Technical Specifications - Inner Carton

Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
1,000pcs 301mm x 196mm x 146mm 2.36kgs 0.00861m³

Technical Specifications - Outer Carton

Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
5,000pcs 814mm x 322mm x 217mm 12.62kgs 0.05688m³
Colour: Body - White / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue
Colour: Cap - White