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Mega Lock

The Mega Lock is a high-security seal which combines the forces of 2 proven barrier seals together, the Cable Lock Seal (MCL250) and the Klicker Bolt Seal, to provide better strength and double the security. Both of these seals are popular worldwide, being used to protect high-value goods during transport in containers and trucks.

  • Combines Klicker Bolt Seal and the MCL250 Cable Lock Seal

  • ISO 17712 Clauses 5 & 6 Certified Bolt Seal

  • The Klicker is a Group 1 UK Customs Accepted Bolt Seal

  • Material: Body – Aluminium, ABS Coated Bolt Seal / Cable – Mild Steel Wire

  • Tensile Strength – 1800kg

SKU: Mega Lock


Double Security

The Mega Lock is a unique security seal, joining together the features of both the Cable Lock Seal (MCL250) and the Klicker Bolt Seal. Having both seals combined in this one Mega Lock it provides double the strength for each application and ensures a high level of security for each application.

This Lock is manufactured from a strong combination of steel and materials; with a rust-proof aluminium body, a strong steel cable with a mild steel bolt and barrel which is moulded with high-impact ABS.

The Mega Lock is also known as the “synergy seal.” The synergy between the materials and its added innovative tamper-evident design makes this lock extremely secure, and provides a greater level of security than using both of the seals individually.


Mega Locks are generally used in transit applications to protect high-value goods and keep them safe.

Key Features

Both of the self-locking mechanisms are easily locked by hand.

Quick to unlock, it only takes two cuts to open the Mega Lock Seal when using a strong cutter.

This Lock can be colour coordinated to suit the individual requirements of your application. The body of the cable lock can be anodised in 5 standard colours, and the bolt seal is moulded with high-impact ABS in a range of 5 different colours.

Each locking body can be customised with permanent laser marking, which offers the highest level of security as it cannot be replaced or removed.

A number of markings can be etched across the seal, such as company names, logos, serial numbers and barcodes for identification and security purposes.

The Seal of the Mega Lock complies with the ISO 17712 security bolt standards.

Technical Specifications - Product

Reference Material: Body Material: Cable Locking Length Tensile Strength Diameter: Cable Diameter: Bolt Marking Area: Body Marking Area: Pin Marking Area: Bush Max Marking Digits
ML250_110KLC_50 | ML250_100IKL_50 Aluminium, ABS coated bolt seal Mild steel wire 1120mm (std) or customised 1800kg 2.4mm 9.0mm 20mm x 20mm 7mm x 16mm 10mm x 24mm 10

Technical Specifications - Outer Carton

Product Code Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
Mega Lock Carton size/ weight will vary according to customised cable lengths. Please contact us for details
Colours: Cable Lock - Red / Orange / Green / Blue / Black
Colours: Klicker/I-Klic - White / Red / Orange / Yellow / Turquoise / Green / Light Blue / Blue