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MCL 500 Cable Seal

The MCL 500 Cable Seal guarantees security with every application due to its industrial design and innovative use of materials. User-friendly and highly tamper-evident, it is available with different cable lengths in order to secure various applications.

  • One-way locking mechanism

  • Material: Body – Aluminium / Cable – Mild Steel Wire

  • Pull Strength – over 1 Tonne

  • ISO 17712. ``H`` Compliant: C-TPAT Compliant

  • Galvanised steel wire frays when cut

SKU: MCL 500 Cable Seal


Strong, Adjustable Cable Seals

MCL 500 Cable Locks are easy to use and are highly tamper evident. They are available with different cable diameters, where they can secure various applications with differing security requirements.

With the body of the seal manufactured from aluminium, the MCL 500 seals are tightly secured once the wire has passed through the one-way locking mechanism. The wire can be adjusted but only to fit tightly to the application which then increases security and prevents tampering.

These MCL 500 Cable Seals are used across a wide range of different industries.



Air cargo containers

Shipping containers

Rail cars



Key Features

Parts of the exterior body of the seal have a rib pattern, this is designed to protect the markings during rough handling.

The MCL 500 features a one-way locking mechanism which delivers a fast and easy seal.

One end of the cable is permanently secured to the locking body.

The MCL 500 is anodised in solid colours. Anodising makes colour coding possible and helps with identification purposes for each application.

This Cable Seal is etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.

The body of the seal has a significant amount of free space to include customised markings such as company names, logos, sequential numbers and barcodes, with enough room for 15 digits to be marked across the seal.

Technical Specifications - Product

Reference Material: Body Material: Cable Cable Length Cable Diameter Pull Strength Marking Area Max Marking Digits
Cable Lock 500 Aluminium Mild Steel Wire 250mm 5mm 1500kgs 3.0cm x 3.6cm 15

Technical Specifications - Inner Carton

Product Code Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton Colours
Cable Lock 500 Carton size/ weight will vary according to customised cable lengths. Please contact us for details