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SureFast Ratchet Strap w/ J Hook (5 ton)

SureFast 5 Tonne J Hook Ratchet Straps are a popular load securing solution when it comes to securing heavy loads for transportation. You Can Use eBay For Purchasing Smaller Quantities:  (click on logo)   
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SureFast draft

SureFast Edgeboards, also known as edge protectors, are an environmentally friendly and efficient solution which protects the edges and corners of pallets, cartons and boxes for transit. They are reusable and easy to install, meaning minimal time is spent getting a pallet ready for shipping.
    • Stabilise, protect and reinforce edges of goods in transit from damage
    • Lightweight, easy to use and cost effective
    • Recyclable and Reusable
    • Prevents goods from moving around in transit
    • Available in a variety of sizes
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