HCL Smart® SM-FT-TA528A Manual Band Fitting (Clamping) Tool

The SM-FT-TA528A Hand tool is the smallest tool of the range and can be used to fit Standard Smart ® Band. It comes with ergonomic black handles and a built in cutter. Using the SM-FT-TA528A enables the user to install the Smart band in a speedy and safe manner.

  • Lightweight

  • Cost Effective

  • Robust

  • Easy to Use



About the 528A

This SM-FT-TA528A manual tool was designed to be compact and tension Smart® Bands of 1/4” and 3/8” widths. This tool is simple to use: after the band and buckle are fitted onto the application the tool is placed over the band and then used to tension the system.

The SM-FT-TA528A manual tool has a built-in cutter, which means the end of the band can be easily cut away after each application.


Suitable to use with Smart® Band Standard and Smart® Band Hybrid

Suitable to tension 1/4” (7mm) & 3/8" (10mm) band sizes

Lightweight and easy to use, the 528A tool is a manual tool for the smaller Standard systems

Tool Options

Tool Part Number System Product Buckle Tool Weight Install Speed Control Type
528A SM-TA-528A 1/4" (7mm) Smart Band Standard 0.95lbs (0.43kg) 10 Seconds Manual
528A SM-TA-528A 3/8" (10mm) Smart Band Standard 0.95lbs (0.43kg) 10 Seconds Manual


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