Guides for the Duct - BM Steel Bellmouths

Inseparable hinged halves to guide the cable through the duct to avoid damage to both the Cable or the Duct. Also available in Plastic and Brass Bellmouths. Details on request. Special Sizes can be manufactured on request.

BM60 for Ducts 60-69mm
BM80 for Ducts 76-89mm
BM90 for Ducts 90-97mm
BM100 for Ducts 99-106mm
BM125 for Ducts 124-130mm
BM150 for Ducts 148-155mm
BM160 for Ducts 152-176mm
BM175 for Ducts 170-180mm
BM200 for Ducts 194-212mm
BM230 for Ducts 220-239mm
BM250 for Ducts 246-266mm

SKU: BM Steel Bellmouths