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Steel Strapping

    Fromm Packaging’s Steel Strapping is a very strong strapping option which is available in a range of coatings, widths and thicknesses to suit your application. Steel Strapping is ideal for securing heavy loads and keeping them secure over long distances. Fromm’s steel strapping range comes in both ribbon wound and oscillated options.

    As well as steel strapping, there is also a range of tools available to help you complete your application. These tools are certain to make the application process a simple and straightforward one. Fromm are banding tool specialists and wouldn’t make anything less than top of the range to suit each application. The Fromm Steel Strapping Range has a number of reliable tools to guide you through your application such as tensioners, sealers, cutters, combination tools, as well as pneumatic tools.

    Below we have the full Fromm Packaging Range of Steel Strapping Products for you below…