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FROMM AP100 Tabletop Protective Packaging Machine

The AP100 Table Top Packaging Machine produces protective packaging and void filling material for goods in transit and storage.

  • Creates air pad pillows for protection and void fill

  • Tabletop or hopper mounted

  • Low maintenance

  • Programmable replenishment

  • Easy roll change

  • Short start up time

SKU: AP100 Tabletop Protective Packaging Machine


About This Machine

This new and amazing AP100 Table top packaging machine provides protective packaging for goods in transit or storage. The compact and portable machine produces protective packaging at the touch of a button. It is user friendly and is ideal for decentralised packing stations.

The AP100 has the ability to create various pad sizes which will provide superior protection for your goods, no matter the application. It is easy to operate, highly reliable and requires low maintenance.

The air pad is made from rolls of flat film which are inflated with air, heat sealed and perforated. The formed pads are then coiled into a large lightweight roll or moved to a hopper system.


Programmable pillow sizes

Tabletop machine for immediate use or can feed to the overhead hopper system

Perforated air pads for ease of use