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Fast Seal SP

Available in either Polypropylene (PP) or Nylon (NY), this flexible, pull tight Fast Seal SP features a metal locking mechanism that provides higher security and sealing abilities. Easy to install and remove, this user-friendly seal is still strong despite its small dimensions.

  • Strong and durable

  • Pull strength – 18kg (PP) / 21kg (NY)

  • 1,000 pieces per pack

  • Colour options are available

SKU: Fast Seal SP


Key Features

The metal locking mechanism featured within this versatile, pull-tight seal offers a high level of protection to secure your application. The floating metal clip provides a greater pull strength to the thin and flexible strap and is securely shielded by a cap.

The strap of the Fast Seal SP is available in both Nylon and Polypropylene, giving the user the option to choose a material of the appropriate strength to suit their application.

Colour coding is possible with the combination of the white based seals against the multi-coloured options of the caps, which is ideal for identification purposes. This Fast Seal SP is user-friendly and easy to apply and remove, working best in smaller sealing facilities.

Laser Marking

The Fast Seal SP is etched with permanent laser marking. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.

Laser marking can be personalised to include company name, logo, barcodes and sequential numbers across the face of the seal. There is enough room for a maximum of 14 digits.

Heat staking technology is used to permanently fix the cap to the Fast Seal SP. The heat staked parts of the seal and strongly bonded meaning they cannot be cut or forced open without clear evidence of tampering being left.


Cassettes for ATM Machines

Money Boxes

Technical Specification - Product

Product Material: Body Locking Space Strap Dimensions Pull Strength Marking Area: Flap Max Marking Digits
FS SP 5" PP / Nylon 125mm 2.3mm 18kg (PP) 45 x 15mm 14
FS SF 8" 200mm 2.3mm 21kg (NY)
FS SP12" 300mm

Technical Specification - Inner Carton

Product Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
FS SP 5" 1,000 pcs 279mm x 214mm x 160mm 3.06 0.00955
FS SP 8" 1,000 pcs 354mm x 214mm x 156mm 3.50 0.01182
FS SP 12" 1,000 pcs 450mm x 210mm x 215mm 3.80 0.02032

Technical Specification - Outer Carton

Product Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
FS SP 5" 5,000 pcs 815mm x 285mm x 225mm 15.30 0.05226
FS SP 8" 5,000 pcs 800mm x 360mm x 225mm 17.50 0.06480
FS SP 12" 5,000 pcs 1070mm x 458mm x 225mm 19.00 0.11026