Duct Equipment - Rigid PVC Duct Rods

PVC Rods are available in two and three-metre lengths.

The joint is commonly known as the Ferret type which operates on the principles of a spring loaded pin engaging into a mating hole. When the joints are screwed together the trigger which is flush with the body of the joint is pressed for quick release.

Accessories also available.

RD1 Duct Rods 3mtr Long x 24mm O.D
RD2 Duct Rods 2mtr Long x 24mm O.D
LM1 Rod Male Leader (to assist rod through the Duct)
FF2 Rod Female Follower (for tying Draw Rope etc)
CUP1 Coupling Up Set 35mm Dia
CUP2 Coupling Up Set 48mm Dia
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