Dragon Seal

Dragon Seals are extremely practical bag seals that are used to secure high-security applications that require a high pull strength. Easy to use, these Dragon Seals feature a unique locking device to keep your applications secure.

  • Durable

  • User friendly

  • Option of Tear Off mechanism

  • Stainless Steel locking plate that strengthens locking chamber

  • Large flap area allows plenty of space for identification or marking

SKU: Dragon Seal


Strong Security Seal

Dragon Seals provide a high level of security for every application. As an effective bag seal, they are user-friendly, practical, and feature a unique design formed of a Stainless Steel locking mechanism to emphasise security.

A versatile plastic seal, it is mostly used for securing high-value goods for transit, such as airline cargo.


Airline Cargo

Bank and Postal Services roll cages

Clinical Waste Management

Courier Services

Cash in transit



Key Features

The Dragon Seal is engraved with permanent laser marking, which offers maximum security as it cannot be removed or replaced.

A large flap area allows significant space for customised marking and ease of identification.

It features a unique stainless steel locking plate which toughens the locking chamber, it is also highly tamper-evident which improves protection.

We have two options of Dragon Seals available – Tear off (TO) and Non-Tear off (NT). These choices are available for customised applications dependent on customer requirements. The tear-off option allows the seal to be effortlessly removed by the user.

These seals feature embedded spikes within which strengthen the strapping grip, ideal for high value transportation.

Technical Specifications - Product

Material Locking Space Strap Dimensions Pull Strength Marking Area Max Marking Digits
Body: PP 320mm 6mm wide x 1.8mm thick 42kg Flap: 20mm x 55mm 14
Metal Pin: Stainless Steel 380mm 6mm wide x 1.8mm thick 42kg Flap: 20mm x 55mm 14

Inner Carton

NT / TO Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
DS 34 1,000 pcs 562mm x 362mm x 244mm 8.58kg 0.04333
DS 40 1,000 pcs 562mm x 362mm x 244mm 0.04333
Colours - White / Pink / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue