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Cable Drum Trailers - Site Range

Cable Drum Trailers are generally used to transport Cable Drums around site and to operate cables and wiring easily to remote locations. Our Site Range of Cable Drum Trailers have been specifically designed for “off-road use”, incorporating similar features to our Highway Range with some additional extras.

  • Cost effective

  • Safe to use

  • Single, Twin and Multi-Axle options available

  • Drum width – up to 2800mm

  • Payload – up to 48,000Kgs

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About the Site Range

If you are looking for quality in your Cable Drum Trailer, then you have most definitely come to the right place. Based in Scotland, our wide range of trailers will help you transport power and cable drums straight to your development site.

Unique to the Site Range Trailers, they have been specifically designed and supplied for off-road use, and to be used on and around about site. Each trailer is fitted with some sort of brake system, hand parking facility and basic vehicle lights for moving around on site.

These trailers are ideal as they improve the all-round safety on site, the ease of application on site and cut additional costs.

How to use?

Site Range Trailers have been installed with a hydraulically operated jacking system, this elevates the trailer and allows the sides to extend and retract to your application. You then select the width of the drum you are going to utilise and then insert a pin at the correct point to secure the framework of the trailer for use.

The controls for the drum drive system and power lift units are located at the rear of the trailer.

Key Features

All drum widths are with drum locking collars fitted to spindles

Available in single, twin or multi axle

Hydraulically operated jacking system elevates the trailer

Brake system and hand parking facility fitted within

**It is important to note the trailer size and machine size so that both can work in coherence with each other

Is there a maximum towing speed?

This is where the Site Range differs to the Highway Range.

These Site Range Trailers have not been built to conform to EEC braking/lighting directives in the way the Highway Range have. Although, some non-EEC countries have allowed operation of these trailers on the highway under the condition that towing speeds must not be exceeded when carrying a full rated payload.

They have much lower towing speeds as they are not designed for motorways or main UK roads, they are designed for idle use on site.


We understand that the sizes of drum vary, depending on your application. As drums of the cable get larger and heavier to reduce the number of joints in the cable, our SureFast range of Site Trailers has expanded to accommodate drum sizes of up to 2800mm wide, with a maximum of 5000mm diameter and can handle heavier loads with a maximum payload of 48000kgs.

Our Range

*Note: Model Shown is fitted with the Optional Extra Drum Drive/Power Lift Unit
Product Code Axle Type Payload (Approx) Gross Vehicle Weight Maximum Drum Width Drum Diameter Spindle Diameter Tow Eye / Coupling Height Unladen Trailer Width Towing Speed Tyres Brake System
CD60S Single Axle 3000Kgs 3750Kgs 1280mm 2500mm Max, 1060mm Min 76mm 50/610 2300mm 40Kmh 215/75R17.5 Overrun
CD130S Single Axle 7250Kgs 8550Kgs 1470mm 2860mm Max, 1360mm Min 76mm 76/710 2550mm 25Kmh 11.00x22.5 Overrun
CD140S Single Axle 7000Kgs 8600Kgs 1730mm 3200mm Max, 2000mm Min 89mm 76/810 2550mm 25Kmh 11.00x22.5 Overrun
CD210S Single Axle 8000Kgs 10300Kgs 2000mm 3500mm Max, 2300mm Min 89mm 76/945 3200mm 32Kmh 317/70Rx22.5 2 Line Air
CD250S Single Axle 10000Kgs 1240Kgs 2000mm 3500mm Max, 2300mm Min 89mm 76/945 3200mm 24Kmh 315/70Rx22.5 2 Line Air
CD310S Twin Axle 12000Kgs 15500Kgs 2400mm 4540mm Max, 2400mm Min 101mm 76/960 3600mm 24Kmh 11.00x22.5 2 Line Air
CD360S Twin Axle 15,000Kgs 18,500Kgs 2400mm 4540mm Max, 2400mm Min 127mm 76/960 3600mm 16Kmh 11.00x22.5 2 Line Air
CD480S Twin Axle 18,000Kgs 22,000Kgs 2400mm 4600mm Max, 2500mm Min 127mm 76/1000 3600mm 24Kmh 315/70Rx22.5 2 Line Air
CD500S Twin Axle 20,000Kgs 24,000Kgs 2400mm 4600mm Max, 2500mm Min 127mm 76/1000 3600mm 16Kmh 315/70Rx22.5 2 Line Air
CD700S* Twin Axle 30,000Kgs 35,000Kgs 2400mm 4800mm Max, 2700mm Min 152mm 76/1100 3735mm 10Kmh 14.00x24 2 Line Air
CD900S Twin Axle 40,000Kgs 48,000Kgs 2800mm 5000mm Max, 2900mm Min 152mm 76/Pivot Type 4300mm 10Kmh Main Axle: 14.00x24 Bogie: 295/60 2 Line Air
CD980S Multi Axle 48,000Kgs 57,000Kgs 2800mm 5000mm Max, 2900mm Min 152mm 76/Pivot Type 4300mm 10Kmh Main Axle: 14.00x24 Bogie: 295/60 2 Line Air