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Carrier Cable Seal 350

The Carrier Cable Seal 350 (CCS 350) is ideal for high-security applications due to its high tamper evidence qualities and its strong and durable design. The straightforward but sturdy design makes it easy to use across a range of different industries and applications.

  • Material: Body – ABS / Cable – Galvanised Steel Wire.

  • Tensile Strength – 1300kg

  • Locking Space – 310mm – Customised lengths are available

  • 150 pieces per pack

SKU: Carrier Cable Seal 350


Strong, fixed length barrier seal

The Carrier Cable 350 is a durable high safety seal which has security at the heart of its design. Despite its simple and durable look, it is user-friendly and enhances security by displaying clear evidence of interfering.




Air Cargo Containers

Shipping Containers

Rail Cars



Key Features

The body of the seal is moulded with high-impact ABS to improve security.

One end of the cable is permanently secured into the seal, using crimping technology, which cannot be removed without cutting the cable. The metal locking mechanism which is included within the metal bush provides an effective locking strength and prevents any tampering from taking place.

The non-preformed galvanised steel wire which surrounds and connects the seal frays upon cutting, which, again, shows clear evidence that the seal has been tampered with.

The CCS 350 is etched with permanent laser marking, which provides a high level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.

Markings such as company name, logo, sequential numbers or barcodes can be etched along the face of the seal for identification and security purposes.

Technical Specifications - Product

Product Code Material: Body Material: Cable Locking Space Strap Dimensions Tensile Strength Marking Area Max Marking Digits
CCS350 ABS Galvanised Steel Wire 310mm (std) customised length available 3.5mm 1300kg 26mm x 12mm 8

Technical Specifications - Inner Carton

Product Code Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
CCS350 150pcs 300mm x 270mm x 160mm 7.24kg 0.01296 m³

Technical Specifications - Outer Carton

Product Code Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m³/carton
CCS350 2700pcs 930mm x 860mm x 360mm 130.30kg 0.28793 m³
Colours - White / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue