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Can Coronavirus live on Stainless Steel Banding?

First of all, you will have without a doubt heard of the newly announced pandemic by WHO that is COVID-19 or in longer-terms and more widely-known: Coronavirus. You will be able to find more information about this online in regards to public safety and personal hygiene and what you can do for precautions. Today, over here at ReidBrothers, we are talking about how it can live on surfaces specifically stainless steel. So, we are here to answer your question: Can Coronavirus survive on Stainless Steel Banding?

Can COVID-19 Live on Stainless Steel?

To start with we would suggest that further research into this for the long-term aspect of your business, tender, application and so on. The more you know the better prepared you will be for any situation. This so far has affected 124,000 people and counting with a high virality rate. This virus can be spread by touching objects and Stainless Steel is, unfortunately, no different with reports suggesting that it can live for days onSteel Bandingalongside other surfaces. These tests have been carried out in laboratories in the United States by scientists. Please keep in mind that it can also live on other products that we offer that include: Banding, Tools, Tool Parts and more this isn’t specific to steel banding and other steel products.

So What Can I Do With My Banding?

As suggested, it is best to research this so you’re prepared and know the best outcomes and routes to take. We suggest that before you touch any object to wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds, suggested by the NHS. Before coming into contact with Stainless Steel or any other object that requires a lot of handy work to brief anyone on your personal health, are you coughing? If so, it’s best to be safe and wear a mask or ask something else within your time, if possible, to take over the application process. In further measures, it is best to stay away altogether from handling any of the items such as Clamps, tools, Banding and let someone else deal with it.


If you have any other concerns about this, please contact health professionals and do your own further research. You can also contact us regarding Stainless Steel and we will be happy to help. Please be assured that all of our products are fine and good to go.

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