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    Cable Rollers are designed to ease the procedure of handling and installing cables while on site. Suitable for general cable installation work in trenches, cable rollers are popular when dealing with telecoms, utility and power installations. Created with zinc plating, they are designed for durability and to sustain a reliable performance. Cable rollers ensure an easy installation and there is no better solution to guiding and protecting cables than these cable rollers.

    In order to keep the cables in the best condition, cable rollers should always be used when pulling cables but especially in circumstances where the installation area is sharp or abrasive. Cable Rollers also make pulling the cable that much easier as there is less friction between the cable and the surface of the ground.

    Cable Rollers are used so that when the cable is being pulled, it runs along the roller and not on the ground. Rollers are available in a range of sizes and can hold a variety of different weights depending on the size of cable. They are also available for applications with inclines and corners. These rollers keep the cable being pulled safe from any damage the surface may cause and also keep them out of any mud or muck that may be at the bottom of the trench. It is advised to not leave cables lying over-night. Prolonged exposure to the elements during the installation process can cause damage to the cables.

    The Cable Rollers that are available from Reid Brothers UK are specifically designed for either Trench or Duct applications. Trench rollers are lightweight, for narrower applications, designed to lay on the ground and protect the cable from the surface. Duct rollers are designed to be placed at the entrance to a duct so the cable is protected from the rim and corner, to ease the cable in and avoid damage.

    Depending on your application you may want to consider multiple Cable Rollers. To discuss your application needs with an expert or for the best available prices, feel free to call our team on 0141 425 1060 or get in touch via our Contact Form. We are always more than happy to help.

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