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Cable Drum Lifting Jacks - Screw Jacks

Screw Jacks are a range of Cable Drum Lifting Jacks which have been designed for heavy-duty use. They lift and support large, heavy cable drums by reeling the cables from the drum safely and easily. Cable Drum Screw Jacks are easy to use and have a large baseplate on each side which stabilises the cable jack, even on softer ground.

  • Lifting capacities available – 3, 6 and 8 tonne

  • Paint finish

  • Simple operation

  • Durable

  • Spindle Bars and Locking Collars are not included, you can find them here.

SKU: Screw Jacks



There are a few things to beware of when working with Cable Drum Lifting Jacks on site:

- Always push cable drums in the direction of travel.

- Always use approved equipment for handling cable drums.

- Never allow cable drums to move in an uncontrolled manner.

- Always ensure that you have carried out a site specific risk assessment.


Product Capacity Per Pair Min. Drum Diameter Max. Drum Diameter Base Area Weight Per Pair
SJ3 3 tn SWL 1060mm 1600mm 300x300mm 37Kgs
SJ6 6 tn SWL 1360mm 1900mm 460x300mm 45Kgs
SJ8 8 tn SWL 1660mm 2200mm 600x300mm 76Kgs
Note: For Spindle Bars and Locking Collars to suit please refer to our Spindle Bars section.