Cable Drum Lifting Jacks - Jack Towers

Cable Jack Towers are specifically designed to lift heavy cable drums. Showing off their strength they can hold cable drums ranging from 20 to 40 tonnes in weight. The Jack Towers are robustly engineered with spindle “V” blocks and high-quality hydraulic jacks.

  • Painted finish

  • Ensures a secure and durable operation

  • Drum diameter – from 1480mm – 4500mm

  • Adjustable height spindle support blocks (Spindle bars & locking collars are not included – you can find them here)

  • *Please note that Jack Towers can be supplied with an additional Outrigger Leg and an uprated jack for extra stability in lifting abnormal loads of up to 40 tonnes.

SKU: Jack Towers



Reid Brothers UK are the leading Scottish supplier of all your cable laying equipment. Our Cable Jack Towers are designed to support the cable jacks and can be applied to many different reel specifications.

The hydraulic jacks ease the application process by making the cable drums easy to lift.


There are a few things to beware of when dealing with lifting cable drums on site.

Ensure you have carried out a site specific risk assessment.

Always push the cable drum in the direction of travel.

Never pull cable drums with their back facing the direction of travel.

Always use approved equipment for handling cable drums.

Never allow cable drums to move in an uncontrolled manner.


Product Capacity Per Pair Min. Drum Diameter Max. Drum Diameter Base Area Weight Per Pair Other
JT20 20tn SWL 1480mm 3400mm 1830x285mm 370Kgs n/a
JT20L 20tn SWL 2360mm 3400mm 1830x760mm 425Kgs Complete with Outrigger Leg for extra stability
JT30L 20tn SWL 3000mm 4500mm 2000x800mm 660Kgs n/a
JT40L 40tn SWL 3000mm 4500mm 2000x1000mm 1150Kgs n/a