Cable Drum Lifting Jacks - Hydraulic Jacks

  • Hydraulic Cable Drum Lifting Jacks are almost a necessity item for use in your cable yard. They are available in 3 variations: 3 tonne, 6 tonne and 10 tonne.

  • Lightweight, a benefit of using these Hydraulic Cable Drum Jacks is that they easily adjust to various drum sizes.

  • Hydraulic lifting jacks are fitted with wheels which can be used on any surface, making it easier for one man to transport them around the site.

  • These Cable Jacks have an excellent all-round stability, a painted finish and are supplied complete with spindle bars and locking collars.

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SKU: Hydraulic Jacks



Product Capacity Per Pair Min. Drum Diameter Max. Drum Diameter Base Area Weight Per Pair Other
HJ3 3tn SWL 800mm 2500mm 830x700mm 106Kgs Complete with DS6 Spindle Bar and SC4/6 Locking Collars
HJ6 6tn SWL 880mm 3000mm 900x765mm 118Kgs Complete with DS12 Spindle Bar and SC12 Locking Collars
HJ10 10tn SWL 1080mm 3500mm 1060x985mm 180Kgs Complete with DS12 Spindle Bar and SC12 Locking Collars