Bolt Seal - 2K Klicker

The SureFast 2K Klicker Bolt Seal is a 5 Star rated security seal. It provides a strong and secure seal for transportation, which remains suitable for staff in ports and warehouses.

  • Double Numbering on both Body and Bolt

  • Hardened Pin to Prevent Hack Saw Attack

  • Two Colour Plastic to Prevent Cloning

  • Anti-Spin Body and Bolt to Prevent Friction Attack

  • Anti-Tampering Bridge

SKU: Bolt Seal - 2K Klicker


World's First Tamper Evident Bolt Seal

The 2K Klicker is the world’s first two colour bolt seal. This Seal is manufactured with 2 colour plastics which prevents exact cloning of the seals.

It features an anti-spin and bolt mechanism which essentially prevents spin and friction attacks from providing the ultimate security against spin tool use. Watch out though, as the plastic on the bolt seal can crack if it is tampered with, but it does not break, which provides tamper evidence but still keeps the container secured.

C-TPAT Compliant Bolt Seal

Unlike a number of bolt seals, this Klicker Seal is made from an all-metal high-strength steel construction. This Clip, which is the actual locking mechanism, is embedded in a groove in the metal bush, which makes the seals stronger and more difficult to damage.

The Klicker Bolt Seal is certified to International Standard ISO 17712:2013 and has also been tested against C-TPAT Regulations, which certifies this container seal as a high-security seal.

All ISO 17712:2013 compliant seals are numbered on both the seal body and head, which prevents replacement of either place. This is usually done usually laser marking, which cannot be rubbed off.

Top 7 Features of the 2K Klicker

It has a hardened steel pin and bush for added security

Both the pin and bush are moulded with high-impact ABS to provide high tamper evidence

The pin and bush are oval shaped to mitigate ‘spin attacks.’ Also, features an anti-locking mechanism which prevents friction and only allows 1-way locking.

Identical sequential numbers on both parts of the application provide greater security as it prevents changeover or replacement of parts.

Engraved paired pin and bush for easier handling

The bush has name, logo, sequential numbering and barcode imprinted using permanent laser marking. This offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.

Two coloured plastic for improved product definition, visibility and identification, marking variations and increased operational efficiency.


The 2K Klicker Bolt delivers a strong and secure seal in the following applications:

Shipping containers



Transportation industry

Technical Specifications - Product

Material Locking Length Pin Diameter Tensile Strength Marking Area Max Marking
Plastic pin and barrel:High Impact ABS 50mm / 0.4" 7mm / 0.28" 1500kg 10 x 24mm / 0.39 x 0.95" Serial No: 8 Digits / Barcode: 8 digits

Techincal Specification - Outer Carton

Carton Quantity Dimensions Weight kg/carton Volume m3/carton Colours
250 585 x 360 x 200mm 17.15kg 0.042 m3 White / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue